UNIQLO’s LifeWear is inspired by everyday life. Essential to everyday life in 
 Hawai‘i is the concept of ‘ohana. To honor this, we commisioned renowned photographer Taishi Hirokawa to lens ‘ohanas all across the islands and show how UNIQLO is meaningful in their everyday life.

Role: Art Direction, Design
Photographer: Taishi Hirokawa
Stylist: Davey Sutton
Director: Stink Studios

Taishi Hirokawa’s trip became the first act of UNIQLO’s market entry. The documentary was features on flights from Japan to Hawai‘i.

His photos of local ‘ohanas—inspired by his Sonomama Sonomama project—were used in the introduction campaign. Leading up to the opening, we turned the 198ft hoarding into a continious ‘ohana by Jasper Wong. On the day of the opening, we invited people to color to wall.

The end (for now)